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Timeless Concerts Reviews & Testimonials

Review: Timeless Concerts June 22: AN EVENING IN ITALY, Arlington Art Museum, Arlington, Texas

"What a wonderful way to spend a warm Summer evening!  Your mix of music was just perfect for my taste. The beauty of the execution brought tears to the eyes of this old man. (It is an old man's prerogative to wax sentimental)"


Review: Timeless Concerts “An Evening in London”
April 14, 2012, Arlington Art Museum, Arlington, Texas

Talent, skill, & superb musicianship offered in an unexpected setting!

Musically, Timeless Concert’s evening fed my “classy” side and my “sassy” side: a feat never before accomplished at a single event. Brilliant musicians orchestrated a stellar performance, not in Ft. Worth, Dallas or Austin as you might expect, but right here in the arts’ district of downtown Arlington.

Our classical “Evening in London” began with composer Vaughn Williams’ enchanting music. Immediately we listeners recognized the skill of our trio members as they intertwined their instrumental solos into one voice, one passion. Weaving in and out, the cello and piano rolled the pulse as the violin sang its melody. Intricate passages challenged each player, and as a listener I wished to hear each voice separately, then hear them together. But, the composer did not offer that luxury, and our musicians stayed true to the score. I wished for more time. I wished for an instant replay of the beauty I heard.

Rich tonal quality filled the room as jigs and melodies swirled. Old English Fiddle Tunes encouraged our toes to tap as songs from hundreds of years ago came alive. Our musical desire for lightheartedness was satisfied.

Moving to music by composer Frank Bridge, the trio’s virtuosity sparkled with the highly animated and challenging rhythmic patterns. I wondered how each player could read and play the notes so rapidly, as well as stay in tempo with the other two players. But, they did, and very well. All the way from “Romance” to “Valse”, from “Andante” to “Allegro”, three players became one symphony, one triumph.

Post-concert pianist Erik Barnes maintained the same level of professionalism and showmanship, just in a different genre. His soft crooning and fluid stylistic playing soothed the listeners’ ears with familiar Pop songs while couples danced, lingered and listened. Another artist of excellence graced our city.

Did I say I enjoyed the evening? I certainly did. I left the concert with more than I expected: a spirit musically fed with a greater appreciation for fine composers and dedicated musicians, and I left with happy taste buds. The fruit, cheese and dessert bar was quite a treat with the lemon chiffon cake a piece of heaven! Then to my surprise, I also left with the desire to go home and become a better musician. I wasn’t just entertained: I was inspired!

Wake up, Arlington! Great musicians dwell among us and have chosen our city as their stage. Let’s appropriate them, let’s appreciate them, and by all means… let’s applaud

Timeless Concerts is a sparkling jewel, and Arlington quite the fortunate host!

Respectfully submitted,
Cindy Lou Hodges
One voice of… The Arlington Voice!

One more note…

We should thank LeeAnne Chenoweth the creator, producer and host of Timeless Concerts, for her creative thinking outside “the box”. All too often we as a society ignore greatness while it is among us, and once it has left our grip, we then discover its worth.

Supporter Testimonials

"LeeAnne,Richard and I thank you very much for the magnificent time we spent listing to you playing Turina's compositions.
Now that we know when you play, we shall follow you around as much as we can. Just tell us! See you on Sept 17th."


"It was an incredible experience and we all had tears in our eyes."

S. York

Dear LeeAnne,
You have created something beautiful with your concert series. Peter and I thoroughly enjoyed our evening.  I hope you can continue to grow your audience.  Now, we are inspired to learn how to dance, too!
Nancy M. and Peter. R."

"Lee Anne,
We just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed last night. It was truly wonderful and we look foward to attending others in the future. We have already told friends about the evening and will hopefully add many more to your audience.

Thank you for all the effort to make the evening so special.


Joe & Nancy Lancor

"My date and I had a wonderful time last night! The music was lovely, and it was so nice to sip a glass of wine and enjoy the view of the sunset as the musicians performed. It was also so special to hear music I have not heard before. I hope Timeless Concerts continues for many years; there's nothing else like it in north Texas!"

D. Hurley — Arlington

"Thank you for playing my request. My wife was surprised and extremely pleased and I was surprised too to see it on the program. The entire evening was delightful and we look forward to attending again; perhaps as soon as the next concert."

Sincerely — Charles Cludius

"It's an outstanding evening. The musicians and soloist are very talented and I also enjoyed the variety of music that was chosen as you get to hear several different themes in one evening. To top it off the food was wonderful. It made a perfect date for my wife and I and we are looking forward to going back!"

Robert Grabow — Dallas

"Ms. Chenoweth, I had the BEST time Saturday night. I know I complimented you that night, but we really enjoyed the music, and the food was fabulous. I think you could tell how much fun we had since we were the last ones to leave! I will never tire of hearing wonderful music from talented people like you and your friends. You have started somethin amazing that doesn't exist anywhere else in the metroplex. I personally plan on spreading the good news!"

Mary Darling — Mansfield

"We wanted to tell you what a wonderful time we had last night. We thoroughly enjoyed the entire evening. The music was fantastic, the food was fabulous, and the ambience perfect! Thank you for such a wonderful anniversary night! We look forward to attending again."

Mark and Tracey Martino — Carrollton

"Timeless Concerts was unlike any performance I've been to - it was fabulous. When you go to the symphony, everything is on a larger scale, but you don't get to experience the style of each individual musician. But with the quartet at Timeless, I was sitting right there in the room with them, so I could hear the individuality of each peice, in a cozy atmosphere. The night was a real treat - I'd definately recommend giving up one night of movie watching or whatever you normally do on a Saturday night, and attend the next concert!"

Karen Grabow — Dallas