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About Timeless Concerts

Our mission is to present chamber music of all styles and eras, in a casual and engaging environment, in order to provide education about, plus promote appreciation and support for live classical music performances.

We are professional musicians from across the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex and have come together to perform a unique concert series. Timeless Concerts also contracts musicians for special events, organizes Dallas/Fort Worth area string quartets, trios, and other ensembles for corporate events, weddings, grand openings, wine tastings and more.

Community Outreach

We provide exciting educational programs in elementary schools, to encourage students to learn more about music, and to encourage those already in orchestra to continue in junior high school.

Larson Elementary School 5th and 6th grade orchestra class is introduced to Ms. Chenoweth, by Mrs. Green, their director. Ms. Chenoweth plays some things from her recent Timeless Concerts repertoire, as well as current movie themes accompanied by CD. Ms Chenoweth inspires them to stay in orchestra through high school. These are the future audience members of concerts of great music! Finally, "air-violin" for fun!

Make a Donation to Timeless Concerts - Timeless Concerts is a 501c3 organization. For a tax deductible gift of...

  • For a minimum donation of $15 buys a ticket for a student. Please help us offer free tickets to AISD students.

  • $100 and up: Be a Friend of Timeless Concerts; your name will be in one program and e-blast per $100 donated in addition to at least one ticket purchase.

  • $250 and up: Your business, family name, or anyone you wish to honor will appear in our program, on e-blasts, for an entire season, plus, receive 4 FREE tickets for the season.

  • $500 and up: Your business, family name, or other, will be listed in our program, in e-blasts, and on our website for the entire season, PLUS you may enjoy 8 FREE tickets for the season.

  • $1,500 and up: The above media recognition, plus 16 FREE tickets for the season.

    Ms. Chenoweth is proud of her students who earned 1 ratings at
    UIL solo competition! D. Reyes, E. Brown
    and G. Reyes

    Our youngest audience member,
    and violin student, D. Rivas.

    To our ticket purchasers, sponsors and friends, we THANK YOU!  Each $50 donated to Timeless Concerts, or earned in ticket sales helps us pay for:

    • 15% of our Pianotex piano rental fee*
    • OR 2% of the rehearsals/performances fees for the Timeless trio
    • OR 14% post concert pianist fee
    • OR 50% of our printing expenses (programs, posters etc)
    • OR 4% of our venue rental of the AMA
    • OR 7% of WRR radio advertising*
    • * These companies have given a generous “in-kind” gift in the form of a very generous discount. Percentage indicated is the amount that $50 will cover after their gift.

    In return, we hope to give you all a wonderful evening of beautiful music and memories!  We have ambitions of expanding our concert series to more than the current 4 concerts per year, here in Arlington.  In addition, we plan to spend more time inspiring school children to learn about good music and art; to develop the self-discipline and problem-solving skills it takes to learn to practice an instrument.  Please don’t be shy about coming up to talk to the musicians…we love getting to know our audience!

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